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15 Underrated Sci-Fi Anime You Probably Haven’t Seen

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Sci-fi is an exciting, expansive genre that's full of possibility - which is exactly why you might want to start checking out underrated sci-fi anime. While some of the best sci-fi anime are incredibly popular series like Psycho-Pass and Steins;Gate, the world of science fiction anime doesn't stop there.

From high-octane action series like Akudama Drive to quiet, thought-provoking shows like Time of Eve, there's a whole world of sci-fi anime that you may not know about. Hopefully, you'll discover a new favorite.

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    Last Exile
    Photo: Last Exile / Gonzo

    If you like your sci-fi with a side of steampunk, try Last Exile. In the world of Prester, most travel is conducted in the sky. Claudia Fluid, a substance that is necessary to fuel aircrafts, is strictly controlled by an organization called "The Guild." The Guild also mediates an ongoing war between two nations, Anatoray and Disith. In the midst of the chaos, Sky Couriers deliver messages, packages, and even people.

    Claus Valca and Lavie Head are two Sky Couriers on a mission to deliver an orphan girl named Alvis Hamilton to a battleship called Silvana. Caught between warring countries and ecological problems, the trip is arduous - and they soon find themselves up against the Guild itself. 

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    Ergo Proxy
    Photo: Ergo Proxy / Manglobe

    After an ecological catastrophe destroys most of Earth, domed communities like Romdo are among the only hope that humanity has for survival. In order to make their lives a little easier, humanoid robots called AutoReivs are created. But when the Cogito Virus gives these androids consciousness, questions about their role in society begin to emerge. Re-l Mayer, the granddaughter of Romdo's mayor, begins investigating this phenomenon with her AutoReiv Iggy. 

    She soon realizes there's a lot more to the story than she realized - a vast conspiracy that's gone way too far. She soon encounters Vincent Law, an AutoReiv who may be able to help her uncover some of these mysteries. 

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    Akudama Drive

    Akudama Drive
    Photo: Akudama Drive / Studio Pierrot

    If you love action-packed cyberpunk mayhem, you should check out Akudama Drive. Advanced technology makes the futuristic world of Kansai look like a utopia. However, even in a utopia, crime can flourish. 

    Criminals known as Akudama run rampant throughout the city. Cutthroat, a particularly infamous Akudama known for slaying 999 people, is about to be executed. An elite group of Akudama is assembled to try and rescue Cutthroat. 

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    Dimension W
    Photo: Dimension W / Orange, Studio 3Hz

    After humanity discovers a fourth dimension - called Dimension W - they develop a device called a coil that allows them to harness the power of that dimension. Soon, these coils are totally controlled by the New Tesla Energy Corporation, and any unauthorized coils are considered illegal. 

    Ex-soldier Kyouma Mabuchi doesn't trust coils at all - he even uses a gas-powered car instead of a coil-based one. His job is to track down illegal coils. While on a mission, he encounters an android who is connected to the "father" of coils. The two end up embroiled in a series of strange events that lead to them uncovering some of the mysteries behind Dimension W.