Which Of These 36 Famous Distillers Would You Want To Share Their Signature Liquor With?

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Vote up the famous people with whom you'd like to hang out while sipping their signature spirit straight, on the rocks, or even in a cocktail.

The 2020s are all about celebrity booze brands. These aren't actors and musicians who just slap their name on a bottle of something and call it a day. These celebrities who own liquor brands (particularly famous people with tequila companies) bring some slick branding and a splash of glamour to the hard alcohol game. 

Let us know which of the following celebrity-owned liquors you'd most like to enjoy in the company of the celebrities themselves. Would you rather sip tequila with Dwayne Johnson or vodka with Channing Tatum? Vote away.

  • George Clooney - Casamigos Tequila
    Photo: Tomorrowland/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Casamigos

    Involvement: George Clooney founded Casamigos with Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman in 2013, and sold the company for $1 billion (yes, with a “b”) in 2018. Clooney's involvement, praise for the product, and general sense of unimpeachable cool arguably kicked off the current craze for celebrity boozes.

    Instagram: @casamigos

    Notable product: Although the house of Migos makes three tequilas, the company also sells a mezcal that's smoky with a kick of citrus.

    Price: $50 for a 750ml bottle

  • Involvement: In 2018, Ryan Reynolds became a minority stakeholder in Portland's Aviation Gin and turned it into a megaseller thanks to his characteristically cheeky marketing acumen. The company sold in 2020 for $610 million. It's not clear how much Reynolds made from the sale, but he's probably not going to be popping up in any straight-to-video Van Wilder spinoffs any time soon.

    Instagram: @aviationginsa

    Notable product: The one, the only Aviation Gin, baby.

    Price: $30 for a 750ml bottle

  • Involvement: After getting out of the meth game with the end of Breaking Bad, co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul launched Dos Hombres in 2019. Together they act as owners and brand ambassadors while making sure their mezcal is as sustainable as it is drinkable.

    Instagram: @doshombres

    Notable product: The Dos Hombres Joven Mezcal is a spectacular introductory mezcal that has just enough of the smoky flavor desert plant drinkers have come to love, without tasting like a "tire that's on fire," according to Paul.

    Price: $63 for a 750ml bottle

  • Involvement: In 2020, Snoop Dogg had his mind on his money, and his money on his mind, when he partnered with Keenan Towns and Marc Weisberg of Trusted Spirits to develop his own gin. He hasn't just lent the gin his name; Snoop played a major part in developing the slightly fruity flavor so no one has to add juice.

    Instagram: @indoggogin

    Notable product: Indigo Gin is a one-of-a-kind thing, no alternates required.

    Price: $30 for a 750ml bottle