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Interesting Fan Theories From Movies That You Didn’t Realize Were Based On Classic Literature

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So many films are based on books, more specifically classic pieces of literature. A number of classics have been adapted and remade over the years, appealing to all audiences. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding the best movies that are based on classic literature.

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    'Clueless' Exists In An Alternate Universe

    Clueless is based on Emma

    From Redditor u/oregonPear:

    tldr: Clueless exists in an alternate universe without irony.

    Clueless is not set in our universe. It is in a universe two steps to the left, where there is no such thing as being self-aware. Few things are funny. There are no true jokes. Every person is an exaggeration of a personality in our world. All social trends are pushed to the extreme, but no one can see that anything is at an extreme. First piece of evidence. The scene where Cher brings her updated report card to her father. Cher's Geometry teacher leaves her a note. After her "A" grade he writes "Nice Shapes"... Her Geometry teacher tells her "Nice Shapes" (or could be read as "Nice Shapes!"). Neither her father nor Cher think this line is funny (surely there would have been a scene of Cher sharing the funny note with Dionne). There is no way a person could not find this funny. If no one in this world could see the humor in this that means irony does not exist. If irony does not exist, self awareness does not exist. Second, no character genuinely laughs through the whole movie. While there are moments where the characters laugh, it's always controlled or at someone's expense. No character has a genuine guttural laugh where they lose control of their personas, really letting go. That means comedians do not exist, no one can point out something as ridiculous. No person's mannerisms can be interpreted as funny; nothing can be seen as over the top. Finally I'll leave you with the title of the movie. Standard interpretation would see the title referring to the characters. They are clueless teenagers and adults, unaware of the consequences of their actions, feelings, and desires. When I realized the intention of the film-- to show us this strange world, where irony and humor do not exist-- then Clueless became the funniest movie I've ever seen.

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    Bruce Was Suffering From A Traumatic Brain Injury In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

    The Dark Knight Rises is based on A Tale Of Two Cities

    From Redditor u/Gullible-Purpose2101:

    tldr: Bruce was suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury and hence why Bane was such a problem.

    During Bruce's trip the the doctor where he visits Gordon in disguise, his personal physician makes notes about his certain problems health problems.

    Upon closer watching, during this entire conversation only one side of Bruce's face works as well as only blinking one eye.

    Later when facing Bane in the sewer, Batman uses a few League of Shadows skills and Bane even notices Bruce performed basic stealth training improperly.

    Bane considered himself doing Bruce a favor by taking him out because to him Bruce was no longer fit.

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    The Song "Spectacular, Spectacular" In 'Moulin Rouge' Actually Foreshadows The Ending

    Moulin Rouge is based on Eurydice

    From Redditor u/juiceboxheero:

    At the end of the first Act of Moulin Rouge, Christian and Satine are caught in the elephant and must perform an impromptu performance of their show 'Spectacular, spectacular' to impress the Duke and hide their relationship. This performance lays out the rest of the plot of the movie, with lines such as " the end she hears his song, and their love is just too strong" and " the end should someone die?"

    This is whole sequence is scored by the music of the popular French CanCan song "Orpheus in the Underworld". The lyrics of Spectacular, spectacular lead the audience to believe that a happy ending will come, with the line of 'their love being too strong', but the use of Orpheus in the Underworld foreshadows the tragic ending that comes to pass, much like the Greek tragedy it is named after.

    In the myth of Orpheus, his wife Eurydice dies on his wedding day and he journeys to the Underworld to plea for her soul. After compelling the god Hades through song, he says he will release her back to Orpheus under the sole condition that he does not turn around to look at her as they ascend out of the Underworld. Orpheus, feeling he has been tricked, doubts the gods and turns around to look for Eurydice. She's been there the whole time, and because he doubted, she is plunged back to the underworld lost forever.

    In the finale of Moulin Rogue, Christian has a similar moment of doubt. Despite having the knowledge that their song will overcome all odds, he doubts his love and sells his typewriter to pay his 'whore'. He is prepared to walk away from her forever, until they are rejoined in the climatic finale of 'come what may'. Their love is reunited, but Satine ultimately succumbs to the tuberculosis she has been fighting the whole film, lost to Christian forever.

    So there you have it. The scene of "Spectacular, Spectacular" does foreshadow this tragic ending through the lyrics, but the use of 'Orpheus in the Underworld' adds another layer of foreshadow to let the audience know that the story ends in tragedy.

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    Edward's Granddaughter Is Telling The Story Of 'Edward Scissorhands'

    Edward Scissorhands is based on Frankenstein

    From Redditor u/zerotonothing:

    tldr: Kim had children with Edward, and their grand daughter is the girl being told the story.

    Kim declares her love to Edward at the end of the film after her ex boyfriend is killed. She claims she never saw Edward again to her grand daughter.

    She never mentions anything about the family she had after Edward, such as her own children or her assumed husband. They are never shown or spoken of. She could have easily mentioned that she went down a different path, met a new partner and had her own family. She doesn’t.

    It’s entirely possible that after Edward retreated to the mansion, Kim did in-fact visit him. Her love remained strong and she helped him live the reminder of his life as an outcast. They conceived at least one child, who then went on to have their own children. This is why it appears Kim is a widow despite having children and grand children. She kept Edwards relationship secret to protect him, knowing society could never accept someone so extraordinary.