The Best Fullbacks Of 2022

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Who is the best fullback in the NFL in 2022? Using a combination of power, strength, and brute force, NFL fullback backs must punish elite defenses so running backs can score TDs and claim glory. During the rush to a touchdown, these mighty lead blockers must help their running backs avoid getting tackled or fumbling the ball, while demolishing any defender who stands in their way, which sounds easier than it is. Only the most athletic fullbacks are able to deliver the hardest, snot-rocking hits that open up running lanes and protect their skill position players. Who are the best fullbacks of 2022? Which NFL fullbacks do you love?

There are a lot of great NFL fullbacks right now, such as Kyle Juszczyk, Andy Janovich, Derek Watt, and Patrick Ricard. However, as the NFL transitions to a more of passing game, it's become more common for backfields to go without a true fullback. There's more athletic hybrid fullbacks these days than ever such as Adam Prentice, Tory Carter, Nick Bawden, and Alex Armah.

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