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The Greatest Characters Played by Christian Bale, Ranked

This list contains information on the best characters played by Christian Bale ranked from best to worst by user votes. The top Christian Bale characters come in many forms. Some compelling Bale roles personify intensity while other iconic Bale characters are cool, calm, and collected. A few great Christian Bale characters are even based on real people.

Which Christian Bale roles are the best? Patrick Bateman has to be near the top of the list. As the murderous banking executive in American Psycho, Bale balanced terror and humor in a new and unique way. Bale has been nominated for an Academy Award on three occasions, but so far he earned his only Oscar for his portrayal of Dickie Eklund in the 2010 film, The Fighter.

In Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight series, Bale played a double role – that of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Other unforgettable Christian Bale roles include Trevor Reznik in The Machinist and Michael Burry in The Big Short.

How will we ever determine which Christian Bale role is the best? Help us decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up and please add any good characters we may have missed.

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