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Who Is Gorr, And Why Does He Butcher Gods?

Despite having only debuted in the pages of Marvel Comics in 2012, Gorr the God Butcher has already arrived in the MCU as a premium and hotly anticipated Thor bad guy. The Gorr vs. Thor rivalry may be a fairly recent addition to the annals of Marvel history, but Gorr has made the most of his time in the spotlight - and now Christian Bale is bringing the God Butcher to life on the big screen.

Before Jane Foster ever became Thor, and before the Odinson found himself to be unworthy, the God of Thunder needed an opponent to test him and point out all his many failings. Gorr the God Butcher was, and still is, that opponent. He may not be the strongest villain Thor has ever faced, but he’s definitely the one that has done the most damage. 

  • Gorr Was Once An Ordinary, God-Fearing Alien, Until A Life Filled With Tragedy Turned Him Into An Atheist

    The being that would one day become known as Gorr the God Butcher was born as a relatively ordinary alien on a faraway planet so insignificant that its name has been lost to history. Like most citizens of his world, Gorr was a religious person, and he regularly prayed to a variety of gods worshipped by his people. But those prayers were never answered. In fact, much the opposite occurred.

    On Gorr’s homeworld, starvation and natural disaster ran rampant. His pregnant partner, Arra, perished in an earthquake, and their surviving children began to perish one by one to hunger and disease. After his final son, Agar, passed on, Gorr declared he no longer believed that gods existed, resulting in him being exiled.

  • Then, When Two Gods Went To War In The Sky Above His Home, Gorr Learned The Gods *Were* Real… They Just Didn’t Care

    Exiled to his homeworld’s largest desert and waiting around to expire, Gorr had his newfound atheism challenged in a sudden and spectacular way. In the sky above him one day, he witnessed two cosmic beings engaged in a fierce battle. As a god of darkness traded blows with a god of light, Gorr made a horrific revelation: Gods were real after all; they just didn’t care about the lives of mortals like himself.

    When the golden-armored god of light fell from the sky to Gorr’s planet, wounded, it begged him for help. But Gorr was disgusted and decided right then and there that this god deserved to perish - and so did all gods.

  • One Of Those Gods Dropped A Weapon, All-Black The Necrosword, And Gorr Picked It Up

    When the Enigma Force-powered god of light crash-landed on Gorr’s planet, it brought with it the weapon of the dark elder god who had slayed it: All-Black the Necrosword. That ancient sword transformed into an amorphous blob of living shadow as Gorr approached and then bonded with him, sensing the growing darkness in his own mortal soul.

    From this point on, Gorr didn’t just wield All-Black - the Necrosword became a part of him, changing him drastically. But one thing it didn’t need to change at all was how Gorr felt about gods. With All-Black in hand, he looked down upon the wounded god of light and chose to violently end the deity’s immortal life. This was the first - but not the last - victim of Gorr the God Butcher. 

  • All-Black Was The Progenitor Of All Symbiotes And Had Already Played A Major Role In Marvel History

    Though Gorr the God Butcher’s reign of terror would last millennia, the weapon he carried around with him bore a history much, much longer. All-Black the Necrosword was, in fact, older than the current iteration of the Marvel Universe itself and had already played a major role in Marvel history by the time Gorr got his hands on it.

    The Necrosword was created by Knull, a primordial god of darkness who had been born into the nothingness that came in between the Sixth and Seventh Cosmos. When the Celestials arrived on the scene to bring life and light to the newest Marvel Multiverse, Knull was enraged, so he forged a blade out of his own living shadow and used it to behead a Celestial. That Celestial’s head would go on to become Knowhere Station.

    All-Black was also technically the universe’s first symbiote, and it and Knull would go on to give birth to the entire symbiote race of Klyntar. With the Necrosword out of his hands for a while, the Klyntar would rise up against Knull and imprison him in a planet made of their own bodies. There, Knull would bide his time as the God Butcher tore across the galaxies.